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We use Social Media to help your Small Business grow. 

BSL Concepts: Social Media Services

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Grow Your Small Business with our Social Media services: 

  • Social Media Starter Services

    • BSL Concepts helps Small Business Leaders determine the right Social Media Platform to reach their target audience / target market.

    • We provide Competitive Analysis of other businesses in your space. 

    • BSL will create Customized Social Media Profiles for you on all relevant social media sites.

    • Coaching. BSL Concepts will provide coaching to help you feel confident maneuvering through Social Media Platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Instagram.


  • Social Media Curation

    • BSL Concepts will curate relevant content from across the web. Our goal is to engage your audience and drive traffic back to your site.


  • Social Media Strategy

    • Best Practices in Marketing dictate an 80/20 approach to social media. That said, it's important to have a clearly defined strategy around what content fits into each of those buckets. BSL Concepts will work with you to determine your goals and build a Social Media Strategy to attain them. We work to increase both your following & engagement of your audience. 

    • Organization, Themes and Focus are important to maintaining your Social Media Strategy. Because of this , BSL Concepts will help create a Social Media Marketing Calendar to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.


  • Comprehensive Social Media Services 

    • No time for Social Media? Don't know how to use it? Don't want to learn? Would you rather put it in the hands of an experienced professional? We've got you covered. Our Comprehensive Social Media Services are great for the Busy Small Business Leader.

    • Here's what's included:

      • Social Media Audit (if you currently have social media running).​

      • Competitive Analysis of other small businesses in your industry.

      • Customized Social Media Profiles.

      • Social Media Strategy customized to your business goals.

      • Content Curation. 

      • Custom Posts using your Unique Brand Voice.

        • Depending on your industry, business and location your Social Media platform will deliver 20-100 relevant posts per month.

        • This includes custom designed images.

      • Personalized Engagement with your Audience.

        • We will reply to followers and manage your relationships on whichever platforms we are running. 

      • Regularly Scheduled Calls to discuss upcoming events or interests for your business that should be promoted. 

      • Montly Analytics at your request.

    • All of our Comprehensive Social Media Clients enjoy location & industry based exclusivity. That means we will not take on a client who directly competes with you!


  • Social Media Advertising (Paid Advertising)

    • ​Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest are leading the way for social advertising. We can help you create and set up a custom campaign that will help you achieve your specific business goals. 


  • Blogging

    • While it may seem like a different practice all together, blogging often comes hand in hand with Social Media, particularly with Paid Social Media Advertising Campaigns. BSL Concepts offers custom blog copy, written by our professionals, based on your interests and goals. This can be a great compliment to your Social Media Strategy in terms of Unique Content Marketing and is very helpful for your website SEO.

Happy BSL Social Media Clients:
Happy BSL Social Media Clients:
Happy BSL Social Media Clients:
Dan Levine, Philadelphia Guitar School_edited

Dan Levine, Philadelphia Guitar School_edited

Music School

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Noah Aronson Music

Noah Aronson Music


People & Practice

People & Practice

Marketing for Doctors



Education Materials

Edward Lemmo

Edward Lemmo

Accidental Injury Lawyer




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