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We use digital tools to help your Small Business grow. 

BSL Concepts: Marketing & Sales Services

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BSL Concepts provides multiple services for its clients: 

  • Small Business Digital Services

    • Digital Automation

      • ​We create efficiencies for your buisness utilizing technology. If you find yourself running many repetitive tasks we can help automate them, saving you time and energy. 

    • Social Media Curation

      • ​We curate content from across the web that is relevant to your industry and present it via your social networks using your unique brand voice. Click here to learn more about our Social Media Services.

    • Graphic Design

      • Tell us about your project and we will ​design beautiful content, whether it be for online marketing or print. Instagram, Facebook, Stories, Posters, Postcards, Signage - the sky's the limit!

    • Blogging

      • ​Unique, relevant blog content has been proven to help with SEO. We will work with you to choose relevant topics to your industry and will write unique content for your website that will drive readership and increase traffic to your site. 

    • Social Media Marketing

      • ​Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest are leading the way for social advertising. We can help you create and set up a custom campaign that will help you achieve your specific business goals. Click here to learn more about our Social Media Services.

    • Growth Hacking & Sales Strategy

      • ​Using proven strategies and predictive sales models we will help your business develop and execute a plan to grow.

    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Customization

      • ​Maintaining customer relationships should be easier! Whether you're considring Salesforce, Contactually, Podio, Hubspot CRM or Slacker, we will help you choose the right CRM software for your growing business. Then we will make sure you get the most out of that system by helping you implement the CRM, organizing your contacts and clients, and customizing the system to suit your specific sales and customer relationship needs. 

    • Website Design

    • Website Development

  • TechBites e-learning videos

    • ​60+ videos explaing tech concepts in 5 minutes or less

    • Learn on-the-go, fast.

    • Pay-Per-View or Subscription based learning

    • Group Subscriptions available for Career Centers, Staffing Firms, Non-Profits and Corporate Training

  • Private Coaching

    • ​Sales

    • Resume Writing

    • Technology Concepts

    • Social Media

  • Custom e-learning videos

    • ​On-boarding

    • Professional Development

    • New Technology Training (functional & tactical training)

    • Marketing Videos explaining products & services

  • Public Speaking Engagements, Presentations & Panels.  

    • Sampling of topics offered:

      • Tech Concepts

      • How to Succeed as a Woman in Tech

      • How to Succeed as a Woman in Business

      • How to Get a Job in Tech without a Tech Degree

      • Crash Course in Sales

      • Interview & Job Hunting Tips

      • Working with Older Generations as a Millenial

      • The World of Start-Ups: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & The Fabulous

      • Creating Confidence

      • Goal Setting 

  • On-Site Training

    • Individual training & coaching

    • Group Training - Sales & Technology Concepts

  • Small Business Consulting

Call us today for a quote! 929.322.4BSL

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