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Quick Tech Understanding for Busy Professionals. 

Technology demystified. Tech concepts made easy.
Speak like a tech pro in 5 minutes.
Comprehensive eLearning Library

Currently offering 60+ e-learning videos. As our libary continues to grow, so does your understanding.  

5 Minute Videos

Your time is valuable. Learn what you need in the fastest timeframe possible.  Five minutes, tops.

Simple Analogies

Our easy-to-understand analogies help bridge the gap between the technical & non-technical world.

Sequential Understanding

Sign up for e-learning videos directly to your inbox. We'll start from the bottom up. 

"What is big data? What is cloud computing? What is virtualization? 
Why do I need new servers? How do I hire a UX Engineer? " Do you have these questions?
Imagine impressing your friends, co-workers and boss by learning to speak tech like a pro. 
Our 60+ video series will get you there faster than anyone else. 
One 5 minute video and you'll understand what you need to get ahead.
Learn only what you need. No code. No confusion. 

All your technology questions answered in 5 minutes or less.

I spend a large amount of my time training and coaching small business owners and TechBites is definitely a tool that I will be recommending to my clients. It was very insightful and time efficient. 

- Christina Phelps, Small Business Ambassador

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