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Small Business Owners: You Are Not Alone

Business Insider released its State of Small Business Report for 2016 recently and there were some interesting findings.

Among the Small Business Leaders surveyed for their report, 46% said that Small Business Marketing is among their top priorities for the year.

Because of this high number, it makes sense that 42% of those same small business owners are seeking advice this year in the areas of marketing & advertising. In fact, it's their second highest priority (behind legal services) in terms of seeking out help.

Not surprisingly, the next area of focus on Small Business Leaders' list is technology; be it IT & Networking or Computer Hardware & Software. From our experience in working with small businesses, these concerns and needs come in a wide variety - Do I buy a Mac or a PC? Do I install an iPad e-commerce system? How can my small business utilize technology to become more efficient? We help each small business analyze what will really help them in the long run and which technologies will be the easist for them to adopt...which brings us to the next section of the report:

Time! There's never enough of it...and when there is, you want to spend it on something you enjoy, not struggling with new technology. That's where BSL Concepts comes in. Our mission is to help small business leaders utilize technology to become more efficient and to save time. Why repeat tasks that you can automate? Why spend hours focusing on tech when you can literally set it and forget it?

As a company that specializes in Small Business marketing & technology, we hope that you'll reach out for help, advice, and creative time-saving ideas as you think about your plans for 2016. We're here to help you succeed!

Contact us today for a quote! 929.322.4BSL |

To access the full Business Insider Report, click here or on any of the images above.

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