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Spark an Intelligent Conversation

Those of us who were lucky enough to attend university at some point in our lives have had the distinct privilege of living in a setting where it is understood that new ideas have a place; and that the discourse and debate surrounding them is important and key both to the maturation of those ideas and to the growth of the individuals involved in their inception.

As I look back on my years post-college I realize how unique that kind of setting has become. If established well, the academic environment forces one to think both in and out of the classroom. Discussions and debates run rampant about everything from culture to science. My experience at Brandeis definitely fits that description, and years later I find I miss the debate. I miss the intellectual stimulation. I miss thinking critically about big ideas.

This post isn’t a long one, but it does contain a challenge. I am challenging myself to find that environment within my life today. Yes, I’m learning every day and thinking critically as I build Bite Size Learning. Yes, I’m focusing on education and technology and business. Yes, I’m pushing myself to grow every day as I build this start-up from nothing and hope that it becomes a platform to benefit the business community. But that’s not enough. I need to push myself in my every day thinking, outside of Bite Size Learning, as well.

So here’s my challenge: I challenge myself to bring one new idea to each conversation I have outside of work….and I challenge myself to spark these intelligent conversations on social media. Finally, I challenge you to do the same.

Have a great place to find content that will spark some of these ideas? A journal? A specific magazine? A website? Share it with us!

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